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Who We Are

Advanced Technology  is a rapidly growing company based in Southern California. Our unique process was developed out of necessity in order to fulfill what we saw as a greater developing need in product development and manufacturing. With a strong background in traditional toolmaking and moldmaking industry practices, we have successfully merged tradition with innovation in order to provide customers with a service and product that they can use to grow their business more effectively. With many years of experience and hundreds of successful programs under our belt we are confident that we can be an asset to your product development team.

As a company with such a unique business model, part of our strength is in our ability to react quickly and effectively to address customers' needs. You can feel comfortable dealing with us knowing that through each step as we micro-manage  your project, we are always available and flexible to meet your needs.

Throughout the world you can find plastic parts which were either directly produced from molds built in our facility, or which had their beginnings here as they were developed, refined, and perfected and finally introduced to the world on a larger scale. We are excited to partner with you through the development of your products to help you achieve your goals. 

Advanced Technology
235 Citation Circle Corona, California 92880-2523

(951) 279-4810
(951) 279-4811 FAX

For Directions to our plant Click Here (pdf format)

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