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What it Means to You...

Tradeshow and clinical deadlines and tight product release schedules are no longer a problem. You can now get parts in a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes. And remember, you get parts in the material you want.  

Even development time is cut to a minimum. By dealing directly with your engineers, we can mold samples, make changes, and mold samples again and again using this concept. It is the fastest and most efficient way to develop a plastic part or a complete assembly. AND though we specialize in low quantities, our fully ISO Compliant quality system and molding area can provide production parts in large volumes as well. No other process comes close.  

Complex Parts - No Problem - Undercuts, external and internal threads, textured surfaces and even parts with NO DRAFT. Give us an opportunity to quote YOUR next project. We think you'll be surprised at our performance. 


Advanced Technology
235 Citation Circle Corona, California 92880-2523

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