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Quality Assurance

     It is not enough to simply build a mold quickly. Without a quality system to support the stringent requirements of critical components, a tool can be practically useless. One thing that separates our company from the competition is our robust quality system. We support the manufacturing of production runs with a complete quality system that meets ISO requirements. It is constant attention to detail that assures you of getting correct parts each and every time. At Advanced Technology, we take part quality very seriously. We understand the need for customers to depend on accurate and consistent injection molded parts. We have a customer base which consists of approx. 95% medical device OEMs so we are familiar with stringent production requirements. From production run to production run, you get the same quality every time. Quality that makes your product a success.
Standards are set and parts are checked throughout the production run. Whether it's random sampling or one hundred percent inspection, you can expect quality parts from each order.

We check plastic parts for structural integrity; we do that by making special fixtures that simulate a real world application. So, whether your molded part requires an impact load, a torque load, or a compression load, we can test it. Real parts in a real world!

Advanced Technology
235 Citation Circle Corona, California 92880-2523

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