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2 Million Part Guarantee !

How is it possible that a mold can be produced in 10 days AND be guaranteed for 2 Million parts? With the system we've developed you get the best of both worlds. You have the advantage of our quick turnaround moldmaking as well as our production ability to provide molded parts to you to meet production needs. You can rely on our 2 Million part guarantee for assurance we will not only get you parts quickly, but we can produce them for the long haul.

For many parts we facilitate production for the first 1-5 years of a product's life. If you are a specialized medical company and your annual volumes aren't getting high-volume molders excited, we may be just the fit for you for production needs on an extended basis. 

We deal with many customers whose annual usage is 1,000 to 100,000 units so we will consider all types of projects. And you are guaranteed to have consistent quality parts for up to 2 Million parts! All this without mold maintenance charges or other hidden expenses.

Even with this capability, we find some larger customers often only plan on using us to develop early prototypes of their part design and intend on going right into molding high volume runs with multi-cavity tooling. Often they use our quick turnaround moldmaking as a replacement of other steps such as stereolithography and similiar processes which do not give accurate representations of the final part. In those cases we may provide only a few hundred to a few thousand parts to meet their needs.
In either case we can help you meet your project's goals
for quick time to market.

Advanced Technology
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