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In developing our unique rapid injection molding and tooling process, we developed some suggestions for those wishing to use our service.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Part Requirements for Rapid Injection Molding and Tooling

Part Size Overall part size cannot exceed 7.5 inches in any direction.
Draft Angles Draft angles are not necessary in many cases, however industry standard draft is recommended.  Textured parts require draft.
Undercuts/Side Actions Yes. Undercuts and side actions are no problem. Even internal and external threads are possible. Parts with a collapsible core design are also possible.
Insert Molding Yes. We regularly do insert molding.
Overmolding Yes. We regularly do projects with overmolded soft grips over rigid substrates.
Cavity Life Cavity life is guaranteed for 2 Million parts.  Advanced Technology backs this guarantee on all of its molds.  There are NO maintenance charges on tooling. 
Fillet Radii Fillet radii should be included in all part designs. Generally, a minimum of .010 radius should be used.
Tolerances  Normal part tolerances are +/- .005 of an inch on all dimensions an inch or less. Dimensions over 1 inch add .001 per inch. Tolerances for critical dimensions can be held closer in specific areas called out prior to the tool build. These can be held as tight as +/- .001 or .002 depending on part design and material.
Part Weight Part weight must be at least .1 gram, but not more than 210 grams (approx. 7 oz.)
Material Most all injection grade materials can be molded, even filled materials with glass or carbon fiber are fine. Typical rigid materials include ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS, Acetal, Nylon, PPS, Polypropylene, Polyethelene, PEI, and Polyester. Typical flexable materials include TPUs, TPEs and soft PVCs. Materials requiring a hot mold can also be molded (i.e. Ultem, PEEK, etc.) however, the maximum mold temperature cannot exceed 450 Degrees F.
Color Most materials can be colored. Generally speaking, if a custom color is required,  the delivery date will be affected.
Surface Finish Surface finishes can range from a mirror finish to a textured finish. Optical wavelength surfaces are not possible. A satin finish is the most common and will not show fingerprints (recommended).
Secondary Operations We offer a wide variety of secondary operations for our customers, including post-molding machining operations, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, cosmetic paint decorations, surface treatment for shielding, light assembly, custom packaging and more.
English or Metric Electronic data files for part geometry can be submitted in either English or Metric.
Media Transfer 3D file required. You must provide a solid model part file preferably a Solidworks .sldprt file or a 3D trimmed surface .IGS or STEP file.  Please call to let us help you with your quote. 

We receive many requests to quote to 2D drawings alone, and although we would love to accomodate each request, due to the volume received and the nature of our process, unfortunately we must decline. We only utilize part drawings for quality inspection purposes and not for machining. Drawings should be supplied in PDF format




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