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Welcome to Advanced Technology.
Please take a tour of our injection molding and tooling facility....

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010 building.gif (174519 bytes)

023 hall.gif (78952 bytes) Down the main hall.
Visitors can see the tooling and molding process from start to finish.
015.gif (130215 bytes) A section of the moldmaking
area with it's
state-of-the-art equipment.
All phases of the moldmaking process are computerized. 020.gif (33635 bytes)
029Scaled.gif (151953 bytes) A view of the injection
molding area.
 Trained personnel process plastic parts to your specifications. 030.gif (131353 bytes)
039.gif (136502 bytes) Our quality control equipment consists of the latest in technology.
From CMM, to OGP to custom fixtures...we can inspect plastic parts per your project's requirements. 044.gif (154980 bytes)
051.gif (117367 bytes)  Non-contact video measuring equipment assures accurate dimensions.
We can inspect production runs or pre-production runs to fit any special requirements you may have. 056.gif (146688 bytes)
062.gif (119965 bytes)  Operators are trained to spot defects at various stages in the manufacturing process.
 We hope you enjoyed the tour. You are welcome to come and see our facility firsthand. Please contact us to schedule a visit for you and your team. We look forward to working together. 076.gif (162932 bytes)

Advanced Technology
235 Citation Circle Corona, California 92880-2523

(951) 279-4810
(951) 279-4811 FAX

For Directions to our plant Click Here (pdf format)

All images 2004 Advanced Technology - Solidworks Logo used by permission